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Make Money with Adengage as publisers

AdEngage publisher program that allows publishers to easily generate revenue by displaying text ads on their website.

How to Work

After creating a publisher account with AdEngage and place a few lines of HTML code on its website, the site listed in the Site Directory AdEngage for browsing. After the text ads that are purchased on the website publishers, AdEngage display text ads in which the publisher has put the HTML code and pay the publishers for its earnings.

AdEngage publishers to provide various services, including a campaign to sites of advertisers on the site AdEngage, payment processing, advertising and site statistics, ad rotation, and ad support. In addition, staff AdEngage quickly respond to any request publisher made through phone or email.

Minimum quality standards

AdEngage focus on sites that have content that is updated regularly. Site must be complete and not in the development process. AdEngage will not only accept sites that contain ads or sites of low quality. If publishers have the site in languages other than English, the site must have a daily traffic and a high Alexa rank.

Publisher Preferences

During the registration process, the publisher has the option to exclude some of the text ads that promote tobacco, such as gambling or not displayed by checking the appropriate box for each category.

If the publisher does not agree to the text of the ad purchased at its site, publishers have the option to reject and delete text ads. Publishers have the option to reject the ad and site to edit your preferences at any time using the features listed under "My Account" tab.

Weekly Ad

AdEngage site specializes in text ads, text links, or sponsor, which is directly to buy a particular web site on the basic cost per Sunday. The ad is the price by sunday, not by the click or impression. Sunday the cost per ad revenue, although the ad does not receive a click. This means that the revenue the publisher does not depend on the number of clicks that ad has received, but the publishers set the price for each Weekly Ad. However, measuring a site's value by how much they cost for each click, or what the cost per click success comes from the price of ads each week.

Targeted CPC (RON) Ads

In the case of the slot in the ads are not completely sold with the Weekly Ad, Target CPC (RON) charged on the cost-per-click ads that are displayed basis. Although Target CPC (RON) ad removed after additional Weekly Ads purchased, publishers will always have at least one of the Run Network ad placed by AdEngage ads in its Pool. With Target CPC (RON) ads, publishers gain revenue on cost-per-click basis.


Integrated text ads are more likely to receive clicks from visitors from the ad text that is exposed to light. This results in a higher CTR, or Click Through Ratio integrated ad. The more clicks the ad receives, the more prospective advertisers pay for ads on your site.

How to Work

Publishers choose the maximum number of ad text (up to 40) allowed in the Ad Pool. This is the number of ad text ads Pool will circulate for a period of time.

Furthermore, the publisher will select the number of text ads shown he want on the site Ad Box on every impression. Generally, publishers around 4-6 display text ads in the ad box on each impression. As visitors navigate through the website, the system randomly select and play the ad text ads Pool, make sure the new text ads that are displayed on every impression.

How it's Priced

Although it initially may seem like a publisher for a little more each AdEngage Weekly Ads on the ad's other services, the Ad Pool AdEngage technology allows publishers to sell text ads with affordable prices and still make the same income or more.

For example, if a publisher's price Weekly Ads for $ 100 on AdEngage and sell 10 ad, the publisher of the total income is $ 1000. This is the same number of publishers will make the standard 4 Weekly Ads allowed by other ad service for $ 250 each.

$ 100 (the price Ad Weekly) Ad x 10 = $ 1000 in earnings
Yesterday Other services:
$ 250 (Weekly Ad price) x 4 = $ 1,000 in revenue Ads

Click through ratio (CTR)

Pools ad CTR significantly improve the site. CTR is the number of times an ad is clicked divided by the number of impressions. Advertisers attracted to the site with a higher CTR because they show that a better ratio of impressions for each click on a particular site.

Ad text ad Pool will be successful because a different set of ads will appear on every impression. In a case study of static ads and play the ad, play the ad, placed in the same location and many ad impressions as static, receive more clicks. AdEngage Using technology to distribute ads Pool and play the ad in the ad can significantly increase the site's CTR.

Customer Diversity

AdEngage pay publishers quickly. Publishers receive 75% of all revenue generated from ad sales on the Web site. For example, if the total revenue from a website is a U.S. $ 100, the publisher receives U.S. $ 75 and still AdEngage U.S. $ 25. This is one of the highest income in the industry. Payment made 15 days after the end of each month for all of the previous month. Our system is set up to provide a number of easy payment options include check, PayPal, ePassporte, wire transfer, and Western Union. Minimum to check and PayPal payment is U.S. $ 20. ePassporte, wire transfer, Western Union and ask for a larger payment.

AdEngage have world-class customer service team with experience in helping publishers maximize the revenue potential of their sites. Publisher AdEngage satisfaction is a priority.

Support for the publisher or advice, customer service AdEngage the team can be reached via email at or phone at (888) 459-4590 or 1 (310) 640-0101. A member of staff AdEngage will contact you within one business day. AdEngage prides itself in providing superior service for the publisher and the service will be happy.

Make Money with Adengage as publisers
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