Saturday, January 3, 2009

Make money from your site traffic with AdBrite

Another program that can be used as options to generate money from the blog / website you.

Get Thousands of ads from Advertisers, including top Brands
AdBrite can help you to monetize your sites that match the ad content and user base your site. The base of our Advertisers include top Brands such as Live Nation, GM, AT & T and Verizon, at the same time, AdBrite serve ads on the page almost 1 billion daily, giving a large scale.

Optimize results with full Transparency and control.

AdBrite is the interface that is easy to use - you can register online and run ads on your site in minutes. Once you and your running, your dashboard will provide all the latest detailed information about each of the ads that run on your site.

Try the full ad formats.

In addition to text and banner ads, AdBrite offers advanced options such as our Full Page Ads, BritePic, and Inline ads. This format will allow you to display high value-ad site without losing real-estate and multimedia formats Mind you to take advantages of the photos and video clips on your site. Bottom line, you will get more than the standard options provided by most of the ad network.

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Make money from your site traffic with AdBrite
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Anonymous said...

Can we use Adbrite along Adsense or not as I have an adbrite account. I like where you placed your adsense, easily accessible to viewers.

Anonymous said...


If u wish contact me on my mail i would prefrer to help u.