Monday, January 12, 2009

Make Money with adclickmedia

This is new program that you can request as publisher and advertiser at the same, I join with adclickmedia yesterday, I had never tried become advertiser and get $ 10 bonus after the register is something exciting, no need deposit required.

When you register for AdclickMedia-mail, you will be armed with the account of the Advertiser and Publisher accounts. You can get money from the ads and the traffic on our network at the same time.

Drive Targeted Traffic. New Customer interesting.

* Reach thousands of potential clients of your images by placing text ads on sites that are relevant in accordance with the target market.* Pay only for actual clicks to your website.* Control your pay-per-click with a daily budget feature.
* Show your ad only demographic you want to Optimize your campaign whenever you want.
* Ads Get $ 10 credit for trying.

Make Money From Your Website Traffic.

* Earn 50% of ad revenue from thousands of advertisers.

* Earn extra income from the 10% referral.
* Display photos exclusive text ads on your website.
* Adjust the ad panel suite to your website.
* Manage, optimize panel.
* You transfer to the account of the advertiser.
* Get paid on time every month.

Make Money with adclickmedia
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