Friday, January 23, 2009

Make Money your website with Infolinks

For some people it is not foreign infolinks again and become a source of alternative income besides their google adsense.

Infolinks serve in the next generation of text ads, which lead the industry in the most relevant ad text and link the highest revenue share - guaranteed.

• Quick and easy setup with no changes to your website

• Ad strict with your content - not needed additional space

• Free sign up without the commitment or risk

Are you an Online Publisher? Joining with infolinks now and start to connect to the text of income today.

How do I start earning higher revenues in the text ads today?
We just fill out the application online and complete the short effortless integration process.
Infolinks will be automatically entered in a highly relevant text ads on your site with content, make sure you record high conversion rates and ad revenue higher.

What is In-Text Advertising?
Enter text in the ad text link ads in the content of your website, usually in the form of a double underline hyperlink. Top of the mouse hover, a bubble float with information content from advertisers. If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser's landing page and your advertising revenue; another, when the mouse moved from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears. Learn how to start with the Ad Text In this day.

Why choose the Ad Text?

• User triggered, less boring ad that will not affect the content of your site

• highly relevant in the ad for your site visitors with a record high conversion rate

• Quick and easy installation without any changes to your website

How do I earn money with Infolinks?

Each time a visitor clicks on your website Infolinks in the ad text, you will be paid!

We are looking for advertisers, you get the revenue, and we make sure you keep most of the industry with the highest revenue for the offer. Join us now and start earning Infolinks as soon as today.

What specific "Infolinks Highest Revenue Guarantee"?

As a leading provider of text ads in the world, we are very confident that Infolinks income will increase your ad, that we truly guarantee the industry's highest revenue share in the contract.

I want to connect to the text - in which I start?

We welcome all legitimate websites - large and small - to experience the next generation in the ad text. There is no registration fee, or hidden commitment minimum qualifications.

Make Money your website with Infolinks
Rating: 100% based on 975 ratings. 91 user reviews.


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